Recommended Hotels

All accommodation is regularly inspected by Sen Travel Group, updated our knowledge on existing properties to ensure they keep to the very high standards our clients have come to expect.
Here we feature some of our preferred accommodation & boats in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. If a hotel of your choice is not listed, please feel free to ask - it may just mean it didn't make our final cut due to the high number of good-quality properties in a particular destination.

Hotel Class Explained


Comfortable en-suite guest rooms, good amenities and public areas. Most first class properties offer a restaurant on-site and many will have a swimming pool.


Good superior accommodation offering a range of services. Many superior hotels feature a choice of restaurants and, in addition, virtually all have a swimming pool plus, in some instances, a spa and health club.


Deluxe hotels offer the highest standards of service and facilities and are acknowledged as the leading properties in the region. Facilities such as swimming pools and spas are the norm, and guest rooms are luxurious, with an excellent standard of amenities.


There no longer seems to be one standard definition to help determine what is or is not luxury. But in general a true luxury hotel provided extraodinary experiences that exceed customer expectations and created life-long memories. It goes beyond the physical presence and amenities and extends to the all important levels of service.

A true luxury hotel provided extraordinary experiences that exceeded customer expectations and created life-long memories. - See more at: